Bidding for ETTF? Ensure you have a lease in place!

Bidding for ETTF - GP Surveyors

Is your practice bidding for Estates and Technology Transformation Fund (ETTF)? Hears all you need to know.

The General Practice Forward View set out the importance of investment in premises and technology to enable transformation in general practice.

The Estates and Technology Transformation Fund (ETTF) is a funding programme to help accelerate the development of infrastructure, with additional capital available beyond the ETTF for investment into general practice. The overall investment in capital assets up to 20120/21 will be £900 million (NHS England).

In 2015, GPs were invited to submit bids for investment. NHS England confirm, in October 2016, 575 schemes have been completed, with some 316 currently either at construction stage or going through due diligence.

It is important to know that it is critical for a GP practice, particularly when there are uncommon parties (retired or departed owners and/or non property owning GP’s), to have a lease in place prior to an application for funding.

If you are bidding for ETTF – Generally, practices are asked to complete an NHS England IG form template. This is the format most ETTF bids take. There are other formats which can be dictated by your locality CCG team.

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