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Newcastle practices first notional rent review pays off, handsomely


As a general practice, we understand that your primary goal is to provide top-quality care to your patients. But, what about the Notional Rent that your practice receives from the NHS? This is where GP Surveyors come in. We offer a specialised Notional Rent Review service that aims to secure a fair rent reimbursement for practices, allowing you to continue providing excellent care.

One satisfied notional rent client of GP Surveyors is Julie Dixon, Practice Manager of Newburn Surgery, Newcastle. Julie received her GP practice’s latest CMR6 form and was surprised that the Notional Rent hadn’t significantly increased from the previous review. Following the refurbishment of the waiting room and an office as well as an extension to the practice, they had anticipated a greater uplift in notional rent.

Having not instructed a surveyor before Julie began researching primary care surveyors and spoke to colleagues to gain recommendations. She then got in touch with GP surveyors and spoke with one of our experienced Client Managers, Laura Dews, who walked Julie through the process and answered all her questions. Once Julie and the practice partners were happy to instruct, the work was underway. Laura allocated the case to one of our longest-serving, specialist surveyors Tom Simpson.

Julie commented:

“This was the first time I have used GP Surveyors and as a Practice Manager, I cannot fault the support and service they gave us. The staff were all professional and did what they said they would do, keeping me in the loop all the way through.”

Tom was tasked with reviewing the rent Newburn Surgery received from the NHS, to ensure it was fair and reflected the current market. He conducted a detailed inspection of the property, including detailed measurements of the whole practice, photo documentation of the condition and a floor plan. Once Tom was back at base, he began researching GP Surveyors’ vast database of evidence in the area to ascertain if comparable practices received a higher level of reimbursement. After a thorough review, Tom was able to come up with some interesting findings.

Tom found evidence to support an increase in all levels of the unit rate, including the main practice, the refurbished rooms, and the new extension. There was also a car parking space the practice was not being reimbursed for. Tom took his evidence to the District Valuer (DV) and negotiations began.

Following negotiations Tom’s hard work paid off, and he achieved a massive 31.5% increase above the District Valuers original figure. Julie and the partners were extremely happy with the increased notional rent. Tom’s negotiation skills, along with his expertise and strong comparable evidence, made all the difference.

Julie commented:

We are delighted with the outcome of the Notional Rent review, and we would use them again. Highly recommend contacting them if you need to negotiate your Notional Rent.”


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