High Street Surgery achieves a significant increase in their income!

Notional Rent Review

Paula Davies, Business Manager at High Street Surgery, Rawmarsh confirms the importance of seeking expert advice and practical specialist support when challenging a surgeries notional rent reimbursement.

High Street Surgery is a purpose build property located in Rawmarsh, South Yorkshire. Paula Davies is the Business Manager for both High Street and Morthen Practice, their branch surgery. She explains,

“We first heard about GP Surveyors as they had maintained regular informal telephone contact with the practice, but without any pressure. The practice had previously used GP Surveyors 3 years ago and had a successful outcome, so it was without hesitation to use their services again.

Whilst GPs, Practice & Business Managers become experts in their field, premises valuation is beyond the remit of most. We acknowledged the advantage and importance of calling upon expert advice. There really is nothing to lose, no increase = no fee service.”

Paula continues,

“The staff at GP Surveyors are very helpful and proficient, explaining the process, time constraints and fees involved. They were successful is securing a very welcomed 3% increase which was backdated to the original valuation date. This means that we will now benefit from year 2 and 3 incremental financial gain and will improve the surgeries capital value.

High Street Surgery would definitely recommend GP Surveyors to any practice. We have used them for the past 6 years and achieved successful outcomes each time, which in turn has turned into thousands to reinvest into the practice.”

 When is your notional rent due? Act now! Contact GP Surveyors!

GP Surveyors are an established firm of chartered surveyors and have over 19 years of specialist primary care sector experience, having worked with over 2,500 surgeries nationwide.

The basis of a notional rent valuation is defined within the Premises Cost Directions 2013, our team of experts, some of which are ex district valuers have intimate knowledge of the process and procedures.

Our extensive, national database of comparable evidence enables us to draw upon relevant data for premises in your location, with a similar profile, ensuring we deliver the best outcome for your practice.

Contact us now to ensure you’re not losing out on valuable surgery income.