Ainsdale Village Surgery, Merseyside

Ainsdale Village Surgery Merseyside

GP Surveyors carried out Ainsdale Village Surgeries maiden Notional Rent review this year and we’re pleased to say they had a fantastic outcome.

Dr. Lindsay McClelland, (Principal GP, Ainsdale Village Surgery) first got in touch with GP Surveyors after receiving the surgeries CM6 figures from the District Valuer (DV). The surgery was informed that their rent had been changed from cost rent to Notional Rent. Unfortunately, on this occasion, the surgery was subject to a clawback for the previous 3 years of rent. The clawback was due to the change in rent type not being put in place by the NHS as part of the surgery’s previous review.

Once instructed by Dr. McClelland, one of our highly experienced surveyors, Nathan Young, was allocated the case, and a convenient time was arranged for a full inspection of the surgery.

Nathan met with Dr. McClelland at the surgery and carried out a full inspection of the premises. Nathan then compiled his findings and compared the DV’s initial Notional Rent valuation, with our vast database of comparable evidence. Based on our evidence, Nathan concluded that there was sufficient evidence for GP Surveyors to challenge the DV’s initial valuation of the surgery, on the practices’ behalf.

The basis for the case

Ainsdale Village Surgery is a superbly converted detached house, fitted to a good surgery specification, which is close to that of a purpose-built practice. Therefore, Nathan believed the unit rate attributed by the DV to be low when compared to practices in the locality.

Additional factors included;

  • Ground floor areas larger than in DV’s proposed valuation
  • First-floor area larger than in DV’s proposed valuation
  • Surgeries pram store eligible for inclusion.

Nathan presented the above case, alongside his comparable evidence to the DV and began negotiations to increase the surgeries Notional Rent reimbursement. Due to the findings of Nathan’s inspection and GP Surveyors strong comparable evidence, the DV agreed upon all the factors in Nathan’s case.

The outcome of the case was that Nathan successfully secured a fantastic increase of 13% above the DV’s initial Notional Rent valuation. This resulted in a significant uplift in the surgery’s income, which was a great boost for the surgery and helped mitigate the impact of the NHS clawbacks.

The surgery was delighted with the result, Dr. Lindsay McClelland commented;

“As a practice we were very impressed with the service we received from GP Surveyors. With very little input on my part, we were able to achieve a rent increase and back payment which we were delighted with. The GP surveyors staff kept me updated via telephone and email throughout the process. Excellent service with minimal stress and input from the GP partners.”

In addition, the surgeries increase in Notional Rent is likely to have significantly increased the investment value of the property.