East Sussex

East Sussex Case Study - GP Surveyors

GP surgeries in East Sussex are losing out on up to five-figure sums on their premises rent according to GP Surveyors, read our East Sussex case study to see how we can assist your practice.

We have worked with over 20 practices in the County to increase their Notional Rent figures and have noticed a trend of underfunding for surgeries. After negotiating cases with the District Valuer (DV) we have agreed significant increases for our clients in the area.

The average increase for surgeries in East Sussex that GP Surveyors have worked with is 28 percent, which is above our national average of 15 percent that we have achieved for our 1500+ clients. One surgery in the area received an increase of £21,150 per annum above the District Valuer’s offer which equated to a 57 percent increase.

Churchwood Medical Practice in St Leonards-on-Sea is a purpose-built surgery with a patient list size of 5,800 and achieved an increase of 21 percent above the District Valuer’s offer taking their Notional Rent figure from £29,100 per annum to £35,075 per annum.

“We have long thought we were being underpaid in comparison to other local practices”

Julie Swaffer, Practice Manager at the surgery explains; “We heard about GP surveyors through me doing my Diploma in Primary Care Management; I had to do a LIFT & Notional Rent assignment. The increase achieved is great for us as we are refurbishing the practice and this will help with our costs.”

“We have long thought we were being underpaid for Notional Rent in comparison to other local practices; PCT’s seem to forget that local GPs have friendships and contact with each other out of work.”

“GP Surveyors were easy to deal with; we did not do anything really apart from sign a document and we received our uplift in our February income. Practices have nothing to lose by signing-up for GP Surveyors services due to their ‘no win no fee basis’.”

Sea Road Surgery in Bexhill-on-Sea is another example of where we have managed to agree a large settlement figure. With 6,000 patients, the surgery is located in a converted 2-storey townhouse. Their initial valuation came in at £27,400.

“In the current financial climate, with income for GP surgeries under threat from various sources, any increase is welcome”

Glenn Sully, Practice Manager explains; “GP Surveyors managed to obtain a 31 per cent increase for us, taking our rent to £36,000 per annum. I heard about GP Surveyors via another Practice Manager and decided to use their services because of the fact that if they don’t achieve an increase there is no fee payable. In the current financial climate, with income for GP surgeries under threat from various sources, any increase is welcomed and particularly one of this size!”

Malcolm Wright is the Practice Manager at the Silver Springs Medical Centre in St Leonards-on-Sea. GP Surveyors managed to achieve a 34 per cent increase on the surgery’s Notional Rent offer from the District Valuer equating to an increase of nearly £10,000 per annum.

He explains “We heard about GP Surveyors from another neighbouring practice; Beaconsfield Surgery. The increase was unexpected but nevertheless most welcome, particularly in these tough times. The money will be a welcome addition to our tight practice budget. From our experience, PCTs and the District Valuer are never forthcoming with the information necessary to debate rentals; practices tend to rely on these parties having the last say.”

“GP Surveyors have a high degree of technical expertise in the Health Care Sector and a natural aptitude for negotiation”

“It is good to know there are professional’s around who can fight your case. GP Surveyors were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They knew the ropes and procedures to follow. Being kept informed and constantly updated was good and you felt comfortable with the proceedings. It was the right decision for us and good working with such a helpful firm of professionals was a bonus”.

Paul Conlan – Managing Chartered Surveyor at GP Surveyors, who has recently been involved in two of the cases in East Sussex, including the surgery which achieved a 57 per cent increase says: “GP Surveyors have a high degree of technical expertise within the Health Care Sector and a natural aptitude for negotiation. Combined with an extensive market transaction database, these attributes enable us to present a convincing case on behalf of our clients during Notional Rent discussions”.

“With a proven track record of successfully increasing the District Valuer’s notified figure in East Sussex, we feel that we are ideally placed to provide a high quality service to Doctors in this location.”


We hope you found our East Sussex case study useful. GP Surveyors carry out Notional Rent Reviews across the UK, if you would like us to assess your Notional Rent please contact the team today.