Drawing upon the knowledge of our highly experienced team we have produced a set of GP premises fact sheets, covering a range of primary care premises subjects. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our GP premises fact sheets, then ask one of our experts your question and they’ll get right back to you.

GP Premises fact sheets
Practice Management spoke to Paul Conlan, Operations Director of GP Surveyors about the issues and challenges facing practice managers.
Whats Involved in a Sale and Leaseback - GP Surveyors
What should your practice expect if it is considering a ‘sale and leaseback’ of the practice. Paul Conlan of GP Surveyors explains the process.
When Do Practices Require a Lease - GP Surveyors
Many GP practices may not be aware that they require a lease. GP Surveyors provides you with some insight into when leases are needed and the importance of them.
Receive Optimum Pharmacy Rent - GP Surveyors
Pharmacies renting space from GP practices across the UK are paying an average of 45% too little for the privilege. Ensure that you aren’t losing out.
Sale and Leaseback: The Benefits - GP Surveyors
Do you want to release equity from your GP Surgery premises and ease issues associated with recruitment and retirement?
Moving from Cost to Notional Rent - GP Surveyors
Would your GP practice be financially better off moving from a Cost Rent to a Notional Rent scheme? Find out if you would benefit in 4 simple steps.
Statutory Premises Standards - GP Surveyors
The new Premises Costs Directions, issued by NHS England in April 2013, outline a number of statutory premises standards that GP surgeries must comply with by law.
Notional Rent - GP Surveyors
In the last 3 years, GP Surveyors negotiated Notional Rent increases of £90,000 for some GP surgeries across the UK. What could your GP surgery do with these funds?
CQC - GP Surveyors
A CQC inspector could visit your GP practice at any time. Are you confident that your surgery premises are up to scratch? Here are some practical tips from GP Surveyors.
Boosting Surgery Income - GP Surveyors
Many surgeries are losing out on thousands of pounds each year because they don’t proactively negotiate the best premises deals.