Neville Road Surgery, Luton


Notional Rent - GP Surveyors

GP Surveyors worked for Neville Road Surgery for the first time in 2018. The surgeries Practice Manager, Farkhanda Mehmood having contacted GP Surveyors to obtain a second opinion on the NHS’s proposed Notional Rent valuation.

Neville Road Surgery, a converted surgery with over with over 3,200 patients is located in Luton.

Once instructed to carry out the Notional Rent review, we assigned a surveyor to the surgery, Brady Harrison, who carried out a full onsite inspection in February 2018. Having completed his inspection and compared this information to the wealth of evidence GP Surveyors hold, Brady was able to put together a strong case as to why the Notional Rent valuation should have been higher.

The reasons outlined in our case included;

  • A low unit rate:
    Based on the evidence held on converted surgeries in the area we proposed that a higher unit rate would be more appropriate.
  • A discrepancy in the number of car parking space held by the surgery.
  • Low value placed on car parking spaces:
    We proposed that a greater value be attached to the surgery’s car parking spaces, due to comparable evidence of surgeries in the area.

Following negotiations with the district valuers, based on comparable evidence to support the above factors, we agreed an increase of 15%, above the NHS’s initial valuation, benefiting the surgery by thousands of pounds.

Farkhanda Mehmood, Practice Manager, Neville Road Surgery, said;

“It’s the first time I have used GP surveyors and I have found them to be extremely open & professional. They made my life easy – I didn’t have to do anything apart from forward a couple of emails and the rest was quietly and efficiently completed by them in the background. We received over 2K uplift to our notional rent and it didn’t even take a month for the turnaround.”

Our Notional Rent service fee is calculated from the increase generated, so, no increase equals no fee. There really is nothing to lose by checking your Notional Rent figure and everything to gain.

We hope you have found our Neville Road Surgery case study useful, to see our full range of Notional Rent case studies click here.

If you’d like GP Surveyors to carry out an assessment of your Notional Rent, or you have any questions, please contact us on 0114 281 5850 or email

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