Pike View Medical Centre, Bolton

Pike View Medical Centre Case Study - GP Surveyors

Pike View Medical Centre used GP Surveyors back in 2006 to negotiate a move from Cost Rent to Notional Rent. We have worked for them again on their 2009 review after the District Valuer reduced their Notional Rent figure. Read all about how we helped Pike View Medical Centre in their case study…

Pike View Medical Centre is a purpose-built surgery located in Horwich, Bolton. Dr Korlipara is the GP landlord for the Medical Centre. He explains; “The local District Valuer (DV) appointed by the local Health Authority (PCT) had not increased the Notional Rent on our Medical Centre since it was built in 1983 under the Cost Rent scheme.”

“I was getting frustrated why, for so many years, the rent had not been increased”

“In 2006 I was getting frustrated why, for so many years, the rent had not been increased. So in desperation I made enquiries as to where I could get help from and I found a local GP colleague who suggested GP Surveyors. They were absolutely brilliant. I was incredulous when I heard that at long last our Notional Rent was substantially increased from £28,260pa to £37,000pa (a 31 per cent increase). I was hoping for some increase in the rent after years of waiting, but I was unprepared for such a substantial increase.”

“By not challenging the District Valuer’s rent review, many Doctors lose out significantly on the gains they could have made”

Dr Korlipara continues; “The rent valuation carried out by the DV appointed by the local PCT, appears almost always biased in favour of the PCT rather than being fair to the Doctors who own the premises. Every GP in the UK should automatically appeal against the rent quoted by the DV with the help of GP Surveyors to act on the Doctors’ behalf. It does not cost the Doctors anything at all unless there is a successful appeal and an increase in the rent review. The Doctors lose absolutely nothing if the rent is not increased, and they only pay a proportion of their increase in rent if they win the case. By not challenging the DV’s rent review, many Doctors lose out significantly on the gains they could have made.”

David George was the assigned Surveyor on the latest rent review. He explains; “The 2009 figure was actually reduced by the DV by £500 to £36,500pa, however we began negotiations and were able to achieve an increase up to £41,000, equating to a 12 per cent increase on the District Valuer’s initial reduced offer.”

Dr Korlipara continues; “The increases we have received means that the Practice can continue providing comprehensive medical facilities under one roof and even consider extending the surgery to introduce new services for the benefit of the patients, with the approval of the local PCT. We can continue to modernise to meet patient expectations.”

“We can continue to modernise to meet patient expectations”

Dr Korlipara concludes; “I would strongly urge every GP who owns the practice premises to appeal against the rent assessed by the local District Valuer, before accepting the final figure. GP Surveyors know what they are doing and have their own Chartered Surveyors to challenge the figures arrived at by the DVs. Doctors lose nothing by challenging the decision and gain everything by this route.”

David George concludes; “GP Surveyors aim is to help Doctors get the Notional Rent they deserve for their surgery. We are able to do this because we have an excellent knowledge base allowing us to help Doctors throughout the country. Pike View Medical Centre is a typical case where we were able to get good increases at every review.

We hope you found our Pike View Medical Centre case study to be a useful read. To book a review of your Notional Rent please contact us today and we will be happy to help.