St Road Medical Practice, Prestwick

Station Road Medical Practice

Having gained Station Road Medical Practice an increase on their previous Notional Rent, Julie Grant, the surgery Practice Manager, got in touch with her Account Manager, Sue Cockayne, to instruct us to check her latest Notional Rent figure.

Paul Conlan, GP Surveyors Operations Director, and highly experienced Surveyor took on the case. Paul carried out a review and concluded that there was sufficient evidence to move forward with a challenge to the District Valuers (DVs) initial opinion of the surgeries Notional Rent.

Paul compiled his report to substantiate the case for an increase in the surgery’s Notional Rent and sent this to the NHS in order for them to instruct the DV, GP Surveyors then supplied the DV with all of the case evidence. Following a delay to Station Road’s case and several other client’s cases, in the Ayrshire area, the NHS urged Scottish DV’s to progress cases in the area as a matter of urgency.

Negotiations then began with the DV concerning the eligible areas of Station Road Medical Practice. In order to further our case, Paul visited the surgery again to carry out a further inspection and gather more evidence. After subsequent negotiations, the facts of the case were agreed with the DV.

However, given there were still outstanding cases in the Ayrshire area and each surgery’s rental valuation would affect the other, it was considered the best course of action to reach final figures on all cases at the same time. This way all parties could rest assured their surgeries would receive an accurate current market rent.

Finally, all our surgeries cases in the area were discussed together with the DV and were finally agreed upon.

We’re pleased to report that Paul was able to successfully negotiate an increase of 23% above the DVs initial Notional Rent valuation of Station Road Medical Practice, a result Julie and the practice were very pleased with.

The Notional Rent increase Paul secured benefited the surgery by a large uplift in their Notional Rent and is likely to have increased the capital value of the surgery.

Julie Grant, Practice Manager, Station Road Medical Practice, Prestwick, Scotland:

“GP Surveyors are an excellent, professional company, who achieve good results and do all the hard work for you. We have had a first-class experience with them twice now, which has resulted in successful increases in our notional rent. Their communication is excellent, keeping you updated with progress. Would highly recommend their service, give them a go.”

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