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What is a Lease?

A lease is a legal document that regulates the occupation of a building by clarifying the rights and responsibilities of both the owner of the building (Landlord) and occupier of the building (Tenant).

When is a Lease required?

Many GP practices are not aware of when a lease is required. A lease is usually required when there is an uncommon party. An uncommon party would be a GP Partner that has retired or left the practice while retaining an ownership share in the building and/or a GP Partner that has joined but has no intention of purchasing a share in the building (usually an incoming partner has a degree of protection under the partnership agreement).

How can we help?

  • GP Premises Lease Creation
    A Surveyor is required to negotiate and agree on heads of terms for the new lease, as the terms of the lease impact upon the rent calculation. Heads of terms are then passed to a Solicitor to draft and register the lease.
  • GP Premises Lease Renewal
    The Landlord and Tenant have the right to renew on the same terms as the original lease, except the rent, which should be reset to market level by your Surveyor. A Solicitor will still be required to draft and register the renewed lease.
  • Rent Review
    The Landlord and Tenant will require a Surveyor to negotiate and agree to the Market Rent under the Lease and advise and if appropriate, agree to the level of NHS England rental reimbursement.
  • GP Lease Consultancy
    We will provide tailored professional advice based on your requirements. Such as reviewing the suitability of your existing lease and providing an expert witness report.
  • NHS Approvals
    Most lease work involves discussions with the NHS (and/or their representative) and any lease whether new or varied requires NHS approval that the lease affords them value for money and is consistent with their plans for ongoing continuity of care.

GP Surveyors are leading experts in providing lease advice to the primary care sector, supporting surgeries throughout the UK. With over 19 years of experience, we have a proven track record and understand the intricacies of leases on property occupied by GP’s.

Following a free review of your current lease and an initial telephone consultation, we will be able to define your unique requirements and provide a quotation. Our fee structure is competitive and the basis will be dependent on the service required.

GP leases are a specialist area and it is essential that practices instruct specialist, primary care Surveyors and Solicitors, to undertake such work.

Please contact our expert team for further assistance on GP Leases and Rent Reviews.