Seek specialist advice to avoid losing out on a 25% pharmacy rent increase!

Seek Specialist Advice - GP Surveyors

GP Surveyors, specialist chartered surveyors to the primary healthcare sector are encouraging all GP practices who lease space to a pharmacy to obtain professional, independent advice to ensure they aren’t settling for rent which is too low.

In 2016, GP Surveyors negotiated average pharmacy rent increases of 25% for practices across the UK. This amount equates to an average boost of £4,600 per annum in rental income.

GP Surveyors offer a free of charge assessment to ensure that you are receiving the best possible rent for the pharmacy space you’re leasing out. If we identify that you are losing out, we can then act on your behalf to negotiate an increase and manage the process for you from start to finish.

Our negotiations will be based on our vast database of comparable evidence gained over 16 years, drawn from GP practices with pharmacy tenants demonstrating a similar profile to yours.

“We recently used GP Surveyors to undertake a rent review for the pharmacy on site. The outcome was favorable to us. I would recommend GP Surveyors due to their conscientiousness and personal approach. From start to finish they informed me of progress.”

Source: Rachel George, Manager, Abington Clinic, Northampton

Top tips – Secure an increase in your pharmacy rent!

  1. Make sure you know when your pharmacy rent reviews are due. There should be details in your lease agreement defining how regularly you can review the pharmacy rent. The most common frequency is every 3 years.
  2. Obtain professional advice on the lease terms. If you have missed some of the pharmacy rent reviews it can be possible to review rent retrospectively and gain a back dated increase.
  3. Action a pharmacy rent review based on the terms specified in the lease.
  4. Pharmacy operators then to have their own specialist surveyors. Therefore, it is extremely important that you are represented to ensure you obtain the best deal.

Contact us to review your rental income:

Rebecca Adams would be delighted to speak with you to discuss your situation and advise on next steps to secure an increase in rental income for your practice.

GP Surveyors also carry out rent reviews for other complimentary services who rent space from you.

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